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Your Success is Our Success.


Consultiium, LLC is a full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout the Littleton, Colorado area, dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

The goal of Consultiium LLC is to provide small businesses with a service that goes beyond debits and credits. We will be your off-site Chief Financial Officers. We have the ability to assess all your business needs and provide solutions through a network of professionals. We can analyze your business for debt overload, under-utilization of employees, job costing, collections, cost control and various other problems.

Our emphasis will be on providing a complete specialized service based upon having a detailed knowledge of your company. We can provide a “one-stop-shop” to help you run a successful business.

By capitalizing on our extensive experience in the accounting and consulting industry in and around Littleton, we will be able to both advise and direct our clients to solutions that will assist you in accomplishing your goals and in turn make you more successful.

We take great pride in knowing that we have made a difference in your business!

We welcome any questions or comments you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time:

  • Telephone...
  • (303) 932-1193
  • Fax...
  • (303) 932-1139
  • Consultiium, LLC
  • 3333 S Bannock Street
  • Suite 435
  • Englewood, CO 80110

You can also send us a message directly through the contact page of this website.